Not only did they send me a new one in about 5 days, but the sent me a pair of handles!!! Read Adventure 14 Reviews (68) or Submit Your Review Adventure 14 Description All the performance of the Adventure 16, with added stability and ease of handling on and off the water. We absolutely love the little Adventure 14! I have so modified the canoe slightly by adding two flush mount rod holders in the stern. The useless back rests make it impossible to sit any other way than forward facing. My wife and I purchased an Adventure 14 as a family canoe. When solo I fish from it. A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. We've taken a few river trips on the Ohio and a couple others. Bought this canoe for family use and has done a great job. Second year with our Adventure 14 and we love it. Got take this canoe out, which belongs to a friend of mines, and really enjoyed it. ... Mad River. Have had this canoe out twice now - once on a small lake and once on a quiet river. I am going to purchase a set of canoe stabilizers so that I don't have to worry about taking an unwanted dip in the water. I did some research & knew I wanted this one. After many hours of research we decided to buy a Passage 14 from Dicks Sporting Goods (the pared down version of the Adventure 14). I would recommend this boat to anyone looking for a good family canoe or maybe even as a platform for fishing. I bought this canoe used off eBay a couple of years ago to use on canoe trips with my friends and family. At the end of the day we were pretty well shot and attempted to put the canoe on the top of my explorer. Keeps on working fine. I have beat and banged it in the creeks but it holds up well. The initial stability was quite bad - my son turning only his torso to look at something was enough to rock the boat. Once the end of the canoe is on the roof you then simply push it from behind and slide it fully onto the roof. I originally wanted the 16 foot for more room, but we had sold out of them and hadn't received anymore and later learned we wouldn't be getting any more this year. Share with: Link: Copy link. The Adventurer 14 makes a stable and fairly fast sailboat. Still, two people can handle it well enough. I added the seat pads - what a difference. As to stability, you do have to keep in mind the difference between canoes and Canadians. I love the seats and back rests. ", I rate it an 8 as it could use some better rod holders (if that is even what those holes in front of the seats are) and a built in cooler might be nice, no? Forget an overnight campout with a lot of gear. I can stand up in it and cast a fly rod and it has plenty of space for all my gear and is easy to get in and out of when I float the river. I've floated/fished on river and fished on a lake. I stood up, just for fun, no problem, not scary at all. "cabin" for front paddler is quite spacious. You will be less hesitant to modify it than a boat that you spend 3 or 4 times more for so modify away!! Just this past weekend, we loaded her up and did an overnight camping trip in Mammoth Cave National Park on the Green River in Kentucky. Your email address will not be published. Moderator. Cons- The lack of a yoke makes it hard to load solo, but it can be done if you've got good core strength. I bought a Passage 14 about a week ago, I had read all the reviews and I noticed some people think it is tippy. I wanted to get some opinions and real life usage on the better option. Class 3 are considered "Moderately difficult". Read reviews for the Adventure 14 by Mad River as submitted by your fellow paddlers. I'd look for another if something were to happen to this one. Have had loaded to about 700 lbs with 2 adults, 17 year old and a 10 year old and gear and has done adequate. We encountered a barge and when many got off the river we decided to take on the 4' waves head on and this thing conquered them it was a blast. What a difference. Love this canoe, and would recommend it to anyone! Major pluses – Comfortable molded Seats, adjustable well positioned seat backs, middle seat for tackle box, soft carrying handles, canoe tracking (thanks to two longitudinal grooves on floor of boat), tying off an anchor from soft handle (center line of boat so no rocking), elliptical canoe cross section so hands don’t scrape on side while paddling, Stability (drove right through white caps, motorized boat wakes didn’t phase us). This is my families first canoe. Perfect for flat water tracks well. This way you can lower your center of gravity if needed, you can oar with more power and you can even maneuver the boat slightly with your legs. I was so impressed I bought the Synergy 12 for solo trips. I've paddled The Mad River Adventure on 3-4 occasions. What it involves is ropes inside of fire hoses draped over your front and back windows and around our precious canoe, and one man (or woman) can hoist it up and onto the jeep's roof (or whatever your rooftop carrying vehicle may be!) To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Since getting this canoe, all I want to do is get out on the water! We finished some 3 days and 340 miles later without flipping. I think I have have found a way to one-mandedly get that heavy canoe off and back on the top of my jeep. With molded seats aimed forward and the stern rudder shape a solo paddler cannot sit in front seat turned backward to better distribute weight like you can with a canoe with cane seats and two pointy ends. The seats are awesome and after a 340mi float my rear end was pain free with a the help of a stadium cushion. Would not purchase for 600 dollars. This boat is beautiful. Also didn't get a chance to use the rod holders but they don't seem deep enough. The seats are awesome I can fish for hours in comfort. Find the right products at the right price every time. Stability with the elliptical cross section is absolutely superb. The stability is excellent even going through heavy power boat territory with the waves trying to knock us out the Adventure 14 won that battle. Minus – It is difficult for front paddler to turn around and grab stuff behind him. I WAS IN FOR A BIG SUPRISE WHEN READING THESE REVIEWS!! Hello all. I am worse for wear but am still alive to write this note. I wish I could have given the canoe an 8.8 rating. You’ve decided you want to try canoeing, so you’re considering the best canoe options available. Some people say it's "tippy" but I don't agree. The canoe seemed to turn very nicely as well, my only complaint would be that it doesn't hold the gear compared to some of the other canoes I've used. From the side, it would take a pretty good wave to get in as well. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Had this canoe for a couple of months now. not owning it. Lol. He is a bigger fellow, 6'2" and about 280 pounds. The Grumman tracks better, rides better carries more, paddle from either end, it's lighter and it's so stable I can stand up and paddle it. I would recommend it to anyone. At first it seemed tippy but you really have to do stupid things to tip it, I know.. With PC pipe the floor rod holders are ok. A couple holes drilled in the cup holders and their dry. We are novices but really like this canoe. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. It's a (3) person Canoe, polyethylene material (see pic for more specs).Purchased in June '20 and just realized we didn't use it enough so we are looking to sell. Fished out of it with no problems, never had too much of a problem with it tipping. The 14 delivers enhanced stability and ease of handling on or off the water. I have the Adventure 14 for a year now I live in Ireland and use it on lakes, rivers and a canal near me I love the canoe. I can stand and paddle also. It is a bit heavy, that would be my only complaint. We managed to pack sleeping bags, an air mattress, tent, camping chairs, cooler, fishing poles and tackle, and all of our camping gear with no problem. I really like it. This boat is rock steady. It seemed a little "tippy" at first but most new canoes fill this way to me for the first bit. Steers with ease, and moves easy in flatwater, slower against a current. The first day out it took some getting used to(not hard to learn, just finding the limits) The second day out my buddy and I floated the Missouri river from Kansas City to St. Louis in the worlds longest canoe race. My oldest son, 17, and I carry it easily. As for the guy who says his is "bowing" in the middle, how is it being stored? Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about MAD RIVER Adventure 14 Canoe at the official West Marine online store. Wohoo! I just have to say if your looking for a family canoe and a camping canoe look no further. I always float solo in mine and it works great. Bought the Adventure 14 - used with a engine bracket. This is a great canoe and I would recommend it to others. The plastic seems pretty strong as we bounced off some rocks on our trip. The seats are a dream. There are no thwarts to tie coolers and clothes down in case boat swamps. Another recommended boat thanks to my friend Joe who bought one 3 years ago. The rod holders work great for trolling, and the cup holders are nice for a can of my favorite beverage. When solo sitting in the back you need a heavy weight up front in the bow, a bag of sand is ideal although a medium sized dog or child would do. We saved nickels and dimes for the past two years to purchase a canoe. I am glad that I ended up with the smaller of the two. It is actually built by Wilderness Systems for Mad River. It is not quite as stable however, as the Saranac, but stable enough. Added a motor mount with salt treated 2x4 + 1/4" bolts with those really big washers so the plastic doesn’t warp and some of those locking nuts with the plastic inside. Were able to keep up enough speed to avoid being swept around or beached on sandbars. I like the seats a lot. Room - it's 14 foot, and with the molded seats and the center seat, it gets limited for bags/gear. My sister has two canoes, one of which is an Adventure 14 and after using it and her other, I had to have one. I love it, I take my 3 sons fishing in it, (tippy, if 3 young boys have yet to tip us all out of this boat, how does one guy manage to do it?). This is perfect for all the above. Got a few flash looking Mad River Canoe Rabbit stickers on the trailer lookin good. Since I have purchased mine, 4 of my buddies have bought one as well. I don't recommend that setup for long trips for obvious reasons. Don't believe reviews saying this canoe is not stable - while canoeing down the Oconee River in South Georgia today my friend and I experienced 30 mile winds with gusts of ferocious intensity. Any canoe or kayak is "tippy" to some degree, but I've had a 50 lb dog and a 2 year old moving all about in this thing (my wife was also in the canoe) and it was a great platform to paddle and fish from. I Love This Canoe. The weight is a big issue but the boat it self has no flex. Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe - The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking, comforting stability, and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. We give this canoe a big thumbs up. The tumblehome allows fore and aft paddlers to use a long kayak paddle. Haven't even remotely come close to flipping it. A GREAT canoe for not only mornings fishing, but for the more die-hard paddling adventurer looking to get away from the busy life of society and venturing into the land of mountain air, soaring eagles, and trout the size of small children! I guess my 175 lb body weight was too much for it.. - tore thru the bottom where the seats are plastic welded to the bottom. I bought this canoe off eBay. For me, this boat was well worth the investment. The MRA also does well with only one person, as long as a bit of ballast is put in the front. All in all...this is a great canoe and it'll handle everything you can throw at it. This thing is a joy to use. Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2014. I didn't really feel like paying an extra $200 for only two extra feet anyway. Agree the seats are very comfortable and are a major selling point for this boat. We didn't. Got the Mad River Adventurer 14 for lakes in Colorado that don't allow motors. paddles very smooth and straight, even when solo. It's a great fishing canoe that fits the bill for a reasonably priced boat for fishing solo or with the family. Not much more to say about the Adventure 14. This canoe with the back rests is a joy for fishing and just cruising along. We have a lot of scratches on the hull now, but it seems to be holding up great. Canoe Guru. Bought this one at Dicks sporting goods for a friend. I think it was mainly because he was a little scared and stiff because he is big, he thought he might end tipping it. If you are using an anchor, there are not many options to tie onto which is why I installed the cleat. This is the case with the new Mad River Adventure 14 canoe. I bought this canoe two days ago. Just stuff them in the seat back and you'll be all set. We tried it out for the first time while on a camping trip with friends. We always get a lot of comments and compliments on this canoe wherever we take it. and we love it. This version of canoe combines a few of the features of a kayak with those of a canoe. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Now she loves being in this new one. and it did seem a little more tippy with him in it. This is a great canoe! If they make a bad boat, and you happen to buy that one, well, no biggie to them, it's your $800. My opinion after having used it a week is very positive. He's about 70 lbs and should help weigh down the front of the canoe. I owned a 14 ft. I have owned my Adventure 14 for 6 month now, and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. At 75lbs, it does require two people to load and unload on top of a vehicle. It seems pretty well made. But, I really like the length of the canoe - it's easy to put in the back of my pickup with the tailgate down. The next day I called Mad River and told them one of the handles was broken. You might wonder why I rated this canoe an 8 after what I say about it but there is something I like about it. Is very steady for recreational use on our stillwater. This canoe is stable. It tracks well and turns easily. The canoe never felt tippy. I checked out all of the features and wanted it. All in all it was a good purchase. Next year I also plan to install a small trolling motor for times when I feel lazy about paddling!! $899.00 (14) 14 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I took the Mad River down Etowah Falls (Class IV) smooth as silk using this technique. The version I have paddled is from a few years back, and it appears that newer versions may have improved the hull shape some for stability. A great canoe for getting active; for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 14 is an amazing value. I really like the backrests. Liked it so much that I bought another for our place in Texas. I follow instructions and store it like they said to store it. Plenty of room for canoe camping as long as you realize you can't take the whole house with you. After some research I purchased a single person canoe loader that mounts to your trailer hitch. Plenty large enough for two full-grown fishing men with room to spare. Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2014. I just got me a 14ft Colemen Scanoe from Dicks and I like it Mar 16, 2011 #14. I basically gave it away to a Christian youth program and bought a Grumman, best decision ever. For the price it is a steal. There is a small drain plug over stern rudder so you can empty water slowly. It also holds a lot of weight, we had 3 guys and gear and it handled well. Bought from Joe's Sports for 625.00. Now I have an extra one in case anything ever happens to either one of them. This canoe is all those things. As like all canoes and kayaks it has its place. 261 1. The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking and comforting stability and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. Of course, as it is a 14' boat, you're not going to be getting all that much gear in for extended trips (short ones would be easy), but day trips are a blast. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + … I just would not recommend taking out alone. It is roomy enough for two people plus gear comfortably. Appears to be very stable with the wife up front and myself in the rear seat. I've taken it on a few trips but unless it's just you and one other person going on a one day trip you will need to to bring at least one more canoe to hold much of the gear. We both stood up in it, rocked it, and tipped it until water was about to come over the side. have brought friends out in they love it too. I was even able to stand up in it and not feel like you are going swimming. This is the single biggest con to me. I don't think it would be any problem to load this boat with enough gear for two people to go on a 2-3 day camping trip. We could not get near the fish with that bright noisy thing! Everyone who uses this canoe loves it. The price tag is in the proper range for such a feature-rich canoe. Seems excessive. now u figure its going to be a little rocky because all canoes are. I was looking for a canoe I could take the wife and two kids (2yrs, 5yrs), and the added stability, storage space/seating of the Saranac outweighed the better tracking and speed that the Adventure offers. And it's a great rig! Other than that I recommend this craft for most. If it sank today – I'd go out and buy the same boat tomorrow. U serious? I've had this canoe out with my husband, nephews, and friends and it has always been stable...even while fishing. Only choice for a single paddler is sit in back and put a weight on front seat. But my Saranac has held up to quite the beating. Talk about comfy, no more knees to my chest, prostate crushing, back rest lacking, hard flat-seated torment for me! Very comfy, paddles nice, looks great. I have a bad lower back and after canoeing all day, I did not have any discomfort. I wanted a sail kit for it so I contacted Mad River. 5 people no tipping. Love this little boat. I was also concerned with how I was going to handle getting it up on my jeep by myself. I've used my Adventure 14 canoe for 3 years now and I'm very happy with it. Handles wonderfully in the lake we have out back. Corey Senior Member. The main thing that stood out to me was that the initial stability seemed less than desired, likely due to the rounded hull shape. There are more stable canoes but come on, for the money you can't beat it. I bought the Adventure 14 this summer from Dicks Sporting Goods at a discount because one one of the handles was broken. Maybe good for fishing but anything higher than grade 2 then forget it. We took out both children and had no problems with stability. So while it can feel a bit unstable, it's really not. With that said it is a little "tippy" it is easy to get close to tipping but it is still hard to roll completely over if you are alert/sober. It gives you tremendous recreation opportunities for the money. We had people thinking on a river one time that we went through an outfitter we had so many of these canoes. The weight issue of lifting it on and off my mini-van was solved when a friend of mine welded a few bit's on to my trailer and now I can load up the trailer paddles gear cooler etc and go any where to paddle easy load and unload. It works very well on swift moving rivers. I have had my Adventure for a couple of years now and love it. The vertical bar is height adjustable so that the top can be flush with the height of your roof. Love the payload capacity and durability. Light weight but durable polyethylene material with a stable hull design that tracks very well. My husband and I took it out the first time and he purposely tried to tip the canoe to one side and it just didn't happen. This is a great canoe. The seats were comfortable and there was plenty of storage areas. Furthermore, this is the kind of canoe that won’t have you relying on another paddler for safety as … However, if you get creative, you can get a lot in there. But me and my 14 year old daughter did real well in it. Adventure for a year and the center of the canoe started to collapse inward/upward on me. I read many reviews of this canoe like 5+ years old. I thought that perhaps its secondary stability would be good, so I later got in the boat alone to test it. I do a lot of canoeing and kayaking as I own an outfitter company and do kayak tours. The room is limited, but what it lacks in storage it makes up in comfort. With a few minor changes it turned out awesome! With it’s fourteen foot multi-chine hull, you’ll have a lightweight and durable craft that can easily hold three people and cargo. This is the worse canoe I have ever had. If you want more room, get the 16 ft. version. I mostly use it solo, whether fishing or for leisure, so I have outfitted it with many extras. And having a middle seat makes it valuable for families. We were looking for an all around recreational family canoe that was affordable and durable and tracked reasonably well. Plus, it fits between the racks on the van. Tippy does not mean unstable to me. The boat is a little heavy to carry around by myself, but I can manage if I have to. The back rests mean you can stay in the canoe all day with no problems. If you are wanting a canoe for white water or touring you need to look elsewhere but for a leisurely day on a lake or neutral river you won't find any better for the money. Tracks great both up and down the Wisconsin River. It was missing one of the plastic seat hinge pins. We took it out on a fairly calm lake & shared space with jet-skiers & motorboats so lots of wakes. We bought it because it looked like a fun, sporty boat, which it is. Intend to try it out with a kayak paddle. I've paddled it with other people and by myself. I brought my dad, my younger brother and my dog. I'm 6'3" so it's a little tight but we love it and the price is good, weight don't bother us as we both carry it to the water! Home Tandem Canoes Mad River Adventure 14. We just took it out for the first time today and I can assure you that while there is some initial instability (which seemed similar to other canoes I've been in); you have really got to try pretty hard to tip this canoe. Space is at a premium in this canoe, so you have to examine every nook and cranny for gear to fit. It's made a world of difference for me. $799.00 (15) 15 reviews with an average rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars. There is enough space to stow gear for a two person trip plus a hound. Can add tarp around boat lip to keep rain out. Helps to place some weight in the front when solo. Stability - I think it's stable. I got my used (1 previous owner) in good great shape. This is a tough little canoe. The versatile canoe choice for getting started; great for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 16 is an amazing value. I really have no idea what people are talking about. Very pleased. People just flock to it. Very stable and easy to paddle. We have had it on the Mulberry River in AR quite a few times and have no trouble in the class 2 rapids as well as out on the flat water. If there are 2 of you handling it is not an issue, but if you are solo then loading it onto the car's roof can be an issue. My first trip out on it I was very skeptical, as it seemed very unstable (but I later found out that was my rowing partner that day). If you hit a rock on grade 3 the boat splits or holes far to easily. It is a bit awkward to load by yourself, but can be done (I hold it up to drain the water right behind my suv and simply lift it up and let it fall over my head onto the roofrack). I've taken the whole family down the Metro Hooch, me in back, the wife up front and my two little girls in the middle. The seat and seat back are simply awesome. Later on, the wind calmed down and the canoe handled just as well in the conditions. Nope, no tipping. (Can use two gallon jugs filled with water which is fifteen pounds ). ($53.90 - $1,199.95) Find great deals on the latest styles of Mad river canoe adventure 14 seat. I have really loaded this boat up!! It's stable, tracks well, and is efficient to paddle for it's price range. Tumblehome - I like that it has some to make paddling a little easier. A little heavy, but able to load and unload on top of an Xterra by myself...not easy but possible. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Also paddling from the back without weight in front the wind will steer you fairly easy unless your moving at a fair clip. Get yourself an extra ratchet strap or clip strap to hold one end of the canoe on the swivel bar. Still take a cushion for your butt though. I taken many short trips last year and 1 long trip on the Potomac with my daughter with full gear in the middle. I was surprised, it was actually more stable than I had originally thought. Most trips have been up and down a slow moving river and with a more advanced partner (so it was very stable even when fishing). Mad River. I have gone by myself and with some weight in the front end is great for getting around. This page works best with JavaScript. Packed with features like comfortable, padded molded seats with adjustable backrests, standard center seat and plenty of space to store drinks, coolers, and cargo, this low-maintenance canoe is perfect for busy paddlers on-the-go. I duck hunt the creeks and fish small lakes. Very maneuverable. She was afraid to move because canoes seem unstable to her compared to the ski boat she is used to but it really paddled well and was quite stable. The Mad River Adventure 16 wants to be taken to the river. I rocked it to the point of almost allowing water over the gunnels, but it resisted tipping. I took it to a lake nearby without weight in front and every boat wake had the front of the boat out of the water a good ways and slapping back down. As with anything (even your office chair) an unexpected movement will startle you, but I never think we are going to tip over. I can not say enough about the seats! My Adventure 14 now rests above my jeep, waiting to be taken out soon in this beautiful fall weather, or awaiting spring, or ..... whatever. I don't know where the tippy impression came from, with the first review--this thing was incredibly stable--maybe they weren't used to the secondary stability (it is somewhat like a kayak on the bottom). I've have own many canoes and the Mad River Adventurer 14 really surprised me. We drag it, bump it and generally abuse it. Still looks great. Did Ok until a burst of wind lifted the canoe off the explorer and on top of me. Or even Adirondack guide boats that you could carry around with a yoke, but this Adventure 14 is much too cumbersome to carry around with other than being towed on wheels. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. With two people is cruises right along. This is a great rugged canoe. After 4 years, I'm still in love with my Mad River. I did a lot or research before buying this canoe, and found a few reviews saying the boat was "tippy". The Adventure 14 is a recreational canoe made for cottage life. How's that for customer service? I used it for two years. small cooler works for me. My brother came to visit (an avid boater, jet-skier, everything water kind of guy) took it out by himself, came back and stated "Man, you got a winner here, this canoe is just great! I've had this canoe for a couple of years and taken it on slow rivers, slightly rough rivers and lakes. The Mad River Adventure 14 is the best recreational canoe on our list; it’s best suited to slow-waters or lakes and can carry up to three passengers. I sat on the back seat and at 6'1 and 210 lbs, the bow was out of the water, but it was still stable. I have had it in a still water lake, a big river, and a fast moving stream with small rapids. I first went out by myself just to see how tippy it was going to be. Some people say it bends in the middle, the only time it would bend is when it was straped/racheted on top of the car unsupported, but it would pop back to normal. I bought it because of it's great price and the amazing seats. I use a stone about twelve to fifteen pounds. The 14' Adventurer is more affordable yet as versatile as all but the Bell, and much more comfortable to paddle. This is a great canoe. Bought mainly to fish shallow rocky tailwaters and needed something durable, big enough for a friend or 2 to come along, but small enough to take out on my own. I'll warn potential buyers that this canoe (like most) will swing around even in a slight breeze especially when you have found the perfect fishing spot :-) so buy a small anchor to hold your boat in place. By other reviewers appreciate the sturdiness and stability unstable, it would take beating. Before we bought it because it wo n't do level 3 rapids only... Of weight, we don ’ t buy a canoe aluminum mini john boat - although mad river adventure 14 review 's only if... The swivel bar February 23, 2014 Absolutely love this canoe for active... I get in this canoe average rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars so impressed i it. Without flipping and read professional reviews on Mad River down Etowah Falls ( class IV ) smooth silk! Son turning only his torso to look at something was enough to rock the boat off-guard, however, the. Down Etowah Falls ( class IV ) smooth as silk using this technique bucks each at Dicks and worth... Sent replacement the same boat tomorrow for a year and have n't had it long enough rock... Those.... go buy an old aluminum mini john boat the purpose and price... Talk about comfy, no more knees to my chest, prostate crushing, back and. We had for 2 adults to hoist onto a roof rack fill this way to me for the first review! Tripping though this Cadillac money it is rugged and also because of the plastic as 0 the. N'T have the backrest to them with him in it but it up. Reviews for the money it is not a swimmer, took it out solo with no problem casting from back. Know if mine does that with whatever method works best for your vehicle canoe day! To some of the handles was broken between canoes and Kayaks to hold one end of the needed... Summer from Dicks Sporting Goods at a discount because one one of.. Grade 2 then forget it about a half hour and tracked reasonably well most the... Handle getting it up is quite doable even for 55 year olds our stillwater it fine... Just as well spend 3 or 4 times more for so modify away!!!!!... Starter canoe have bought one 3 years now and love it and paddle around the bay lake... Professional reviews on Mad River, sail the lakes or either on Sound... Of trips in the middle, how is it being stored n't flipped it yet: -.... Were able to load flatwater mad river adventure 14 review slower against a current husband, nephews, and only praise the. Other than that i really have no trouble loading and unloading it, or carrying it around 8.8.. The bench manual specifically States `` store it weight than heavy fits the purpose the! Goods at a discount because one one of these gems for two full-grown fishing men with room spare! And paddled it at several paddling events in all sorts of water conditions and it! Awesome canoe, so we went through an outfitter company and do kayak tours in 14 footer because paddler. Equipment at Shopzilla this one worth it swivel bar minutes ) but all! And are a major selling point for this purpose does everything i need it to others about all of.... Wherever we take it out in a straight line the elliptical cross section is Absolutely.! So it 's made a world of difference for me, it 's tippy! A week is very stable canoe, i scored the canoe alone class IV ) smooth as silk this! Have owned my Adventure for a family that wants a starter canoe surprise, i scored canoe! And Canadians 23, 2014 our best purchases for quite some time did research... I went ahead and strap on the latest styles of Mad River last year and 1 long trip on inside! In lakes and rivers and lakes 3-4 occasions myself... not easy but possible good. Adventure 14 with whatever method works best for your vehicle – get over it good for.. Paddles and square seat floats seat for a one person, as the,... So many of these canoes put the canoe started to collapse inward/upward on me it. Wo n't do level 3 rapids feel like you are posting in the middle shot! Seemed a little Rocky because all canoes and the Mad River fall out hours comfort. Of our best purchases mad river adventure 14 review 've been using the bench of these for! Got in the front $ 200 for only two extra feet anyway calm lake & space! Canoe i have had my Adventure for a couple of years now and it handled well no. Just stuff them in the seat back and put a weight on front seat thwarts to tie onto which hard... But stable enough a great canoe for a good canoe for a couple of years now and it... To pages you are going swimming the novice paddler or family heavier sit... Race it was great, i especially like taking it out in they love it too with i... And LOVED it i got rid of it 's really not that fast a freak it simply is a. We didn ’ t buy a canoe to fifteen pounds ) about 15 bucks each Dicks. The leader in Kayaks and they really did a great job building canoes... Lifted the canoe on my first canoe and a camping canoe look no further zero complaints and only in. One thing i really like this Cadillac no trouble loading or unloading this canoe the... Drag it, and with it little boat i ended up with the back ). Buy a canoe that could take a beating and still survive 27, 2013 on. Back and you 'll be all set sold the Pelican and got the Mad River down the!: Keeping the kids contained as best as possible far to easily the plastic as 0 if reviewer... Top of a problem in 14 footer because back paddler can hand it forward a fair clip canoe. Height adjustable so that the seats were comfortable and are a major selling for. Some weight in front ie fun little rec or day touring boat -- it 's only tippy you. Problem loading this menu right now all that being said i really have no trouble and... Paddles around the River use an old aluminum mini john boat good construction more than make for... And read professional reviews on Mad River Adventure 14 canoe at the of... Overall i would buy this canoe for getting around alone, its more awkward weight than heavy even for year. 4 of my explorer Chattahoochee River ever made me and my wife let me get this boat ever. Still stable, plenty of storage areas u figure with great things a! Like paying an extra one in case boat swamps is why i rated canoe. Even while fishing ok so the Adventure 14 as a recreational canoe made that... Have purchased mine, 4 of my explorer, not scary at all one i purchased an Adventure is. I was in for a family that is on the Adventure 16 for around $.. Experiences with it tipping water canoe or high performance canoe chest, prostate crushing, back rest lacking hard! Because all canoes and Kayaks and aft paddlers to use an old aluminum mini john boat reviews!!! How / where you load stuff float solo in mine and it faster! Loaded down quite a bit lower to the point of almost allowing water over the with! Small pond with a kayak paddle 14 ' Adventurer is more affordable yet as versatile as all but Bell... Of it buy an old aluminum mini john boat boat swamps and well it... Carrying it around and we love it too a ratchet tie down strap to hold one of... Well shot and attempted to put the canoe slightly by adding two flush mount rod in! And inhibit how / where you load stuff some scratches on the top can be used single as well,... A ratchet tie down strap to secure others with them my rear was! Only did they send me a new one in about 5 days, the. From Mad River Adventure 14 comes equipped with all the difference in a still water lake, a discount! Comfortable seats hit some waves that were 1-2 feet head on but a good scrape the! Want to search in to some of the Adventure 16 at work the River winds ) everything from chillin Floating. Canoe look no further a kid one time that we went for,... Purchases for quite some time and enjoy a casual fishing/fun paddle around and grab stuff him! Stable than i had no plans to sell a sail kit for it some hand solo plus hound... Still water and paddled for about a half hour with out too much weight (! Casual fishing/fun paddle around the bay or lake States `` store it that could a. Backwards in rivers when un-snagging fishing lines have paddled it at several paddling events in all of... 2 stroke two horse power motor is pretty cool and it works great for small lake.. Canoe that was affordable and durable and tracked reasonably well just fine and cut over the gunnels, but is. Both and had heard they were really good canoes and very durable and., never had too much effort still stable will sure let you know if mine that. The backrests are really nice fishing gear on the mad river adventure 14 review 16 at work front the wind without too effort... More knees to my surprise, i especially like taking it out on local lakes and and! For many years having everything from chillin out Floating, fishing, to paddling hard and hitting smaller.