We are here for you! We offer you high quality and powerful desiccants at attractive conditions. Test us and let us convince you of our expertise, speed and flexibility. Get advice now! Everything from Rifles and Ammo to Dried Beans and Leather Goods. Activated clay is a valid alternative to silica gel. Sold & shipped by LotFancy Inc. Free delivery. About 12% of these are paper chemicals, 12% are leather auxiliary agents, and 12% are petroleum additives. When it comes to Desiccant Bags, Grainger's got your back. policy. High quality sachets of silica gel desiccant from Bluestar Packaging Supplies at the very best prices. jQuery('#tabslide-content').removeClass('content-not-open').addClass('content-open'); DampRid is a dehumidifier that works without electri... Dry & Dry (1 Gallon) Premium Silica Gel Blue Indicating(Blue to Pink) Silica Gel Beads Desiccant Beads(Industry Standard 2-4 mm) - Rechargeable(7.5 LBS) Moisture Absorber Silica Gel, Lockdown Silica Gel with Rechargeable Beads, Compact Design and Various Sizes for Vault Humidity Control and Rust Prevention, 100 Packets 2 Gram Silica Gel Desiccant Pack Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier, Dry & Dry [2 LBS] Blue Premium Indicating Silica Gel Beads(Industry Standard 2-4 mm) - Reusable Desiccant Beads, INTERTECK PACKAGING 480 Gram Silica Gel Packets - Blue to Pink, Rechargeable BT-50 Paper Translucent Desiccant Packets and Dehumidifiers, 36 Cubic Ft/Packet (Indicating, 1 Pack). It is extracted directly from the ground, is completely dried in the oven and then ground and reduced into granules. We sell our products only to commercial customers, freelancers, and public institutions. Its affinity for water makes it useful as a desiccant (drying agent) in a wide range of applications, from humidity control in product packaging and confined spaces (e.g. color: #f7b104 !important; When you're indoors a lot, you may notice that the air in your house gives you or your children uncomfortable symptoms. The desiccants used consist mainly of natural ingredients such as salt, starch and clay granules. At SilicaGelPackets.ca we offer you a full line of Desiccant (Silica Gel) and Dehumidifier products at wholesale prices! One Unit of desiccant is equal to 26 grams of silica gel or 33 grams of bentonite. Many natural anti-desiccant sprays contain pine oil, a natural, nontoxic ingredient that also helps plants grow and repel insect pests. R2 985.00 . being Access to required raw materials (desiccant, fiber fleece, packaging) for post-production is secured. Absorbents for mining, gas, oil and chemical industries I hereby consent to my form data Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that adsorb water. We also pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials in the packaging. If left unprotected, condensation can otherwise form on the goods themselves, on packaging and packing aids, as well as on the walls or ceiling of freight containers or storage rooms. jQuery(this).removeClass('not-open').addClass('open'); In order to provide the best possible user experience, our website uses cookies. 920004. Silica Gel Dessicant Packets are invaluable for keeping things dry. Anti-desiccants can also preserve needles on Christmas trees and wreaths. In addition, ThoMar … jQuery('#tabslide-content').removeClass('content-open').addClass('content-not-open'); © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, Select a location to see product availability, Silica Gel Packets with Color Indicating -Reusable, 5 Gram [60 Packs] Silica Gel Desiccant Packets with Orange Beads Humidity Indicator Safe Double Packed for Air Dryer Moisture Removal, Food Grade, Wisedry 2 x 500 Gram [2.2 lbs] Rechargeable Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier, Microwave Fast Reactivated Desiccant Packets Large for Safes Closet Basement Garage Storage Moisture Absorber Bag Reusable, Prevents Condensation, Wisedry 10 Gram [30 PACKS] Silica Gel Packets Reactivated by Microwave Small Desiccant Packs with Color Indicating Air Dryer Bags for Moisture Removal Rechargeable Dehumidifiers for Storage Food Grade, Price and other details may vary based on size and color, wisedry 50 Gram [6PACKS] Rechargeable Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Fast Reactivate Desiccant Bags Orange to Green indicating for Air Dryer Food Grade, Dry & Dry 5 Gram [35 Packs] Food Safe Silica Gel Orange Indicating(Orange to Dark Green) Mixed Silica Gel Packs Desiccant - Food Safe Silica Packets for Moisture Silica Gel Packets, 5 Gram Pack of 50 "Dry & Dry" Premium Pure & Safe Silica Gel Packets Desiccant Dehumidifiers - Food Safe Rechargeable Paper, Dry & Dry [1 Quart Premium Orange Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant Beads(Industry Standard 2-4 mm) - Rechargeable Silica Gel Beads(2 LBS), Best humidifiers and dehumidifiers to improve your home's air quality.   tradeKorea is a online B2B trade website offers you matching services to connect buyers and suppliers. In desiccant dehumidifiers, instead of cold evaporative coils, a chemical called Desiccant is used. } 920001. 99. Get it Tuesday, Dec 22. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Standard bag sizes range from 1/6 unit to 80 units (5½ grams to 2,640 grams). Submit } Desiccant Common Uses and Points of Interest; Molecular Sieve: Molecular Sieve is often used to dry gags streams via high-pressure desiccators and is ideal for applications in extreme temperature settings (e.g. In addition, ThoMar offers tailor-made desiccant bags, suitable for the individual application of the respective customer. White Non-Indicating Silica Gel – MIL-D-3716 Type II Grade H. 920002 . We ship ex factory / warehouse DE. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. They also benefit from our many years of consulting expertise. [CDATA[ Privacy policy 5 Gram Pack of 50 "Dry & Dry" Premium Pure & Safe Silica Gel Packets Desiccant Dehumidifiers - F… jQuery('#close-tab').click(function() { Silica gel is a hard glass-like spherical bead of porous silicone dioxide. Desiccant dryers use a drying agent (desiccant) with a high attraction for water to extract water vapor and moisture from process air. Was R4 116.00. Categories. Zephyr By Dry & Store Hearing Instrument Dryer/dehumidifier - Includes Extra 3 Pack Of Dry-brik II Desiccant Blocks For Hearing Aids Cochlear Pro. Please take View Offer. Alibaba.com offers 157 where to buy desiccant products. Indicating silica gel from 1g to 10g, non-indicating silica gel … We surveyed expert recommendations on indoor air quality and chose well-reviewed, popular products that can help you keep your home airspace fresh and at the perfect level of humidity. Clearance. right: -100px !important; Gun Safe Silica 200 Gram (Pack of 10) Gel Desiccant Packets, Anti-Corrosive, Military Grade Dehumidifier, Moisture Adsorbing Drying Bags for Gun Storage, Document Storage and More. Humidity in homes can lead to a musty smell. Parker desiccant air dryers are designed to automatically reduce the atmospheric dew point of compressed air supplies without the need for operator intervention.  Consulting / Contact. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that creates or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. R5 999.00 . Thousands of small beads of these substances are contained in the desiccant dryers in dual-tower … With over 20 years in this field, we see ourselves as desiccant specialists. Desiccant bags are available in a variety configurations. Our innovative range of desiccant air dryers offer the superior operational performance and reliability. Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier. Clay desiccant. WhiteSilicaGel. jQuery('#tabslide').click(function() { Keep an eye on your home's humidity and temperature with this handy and inexpensive gadget, desig... Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier, White (E-333). #sendbutton { Both desiccants are able to be regenerated when in their bulk form (do not attempt to dry/bake desiccant pouches) in an oven and we also carry a 5lb (80 unit) clay desiccant bag that can be placed in the oven. #sendbutton :hover { If you click on each item it will take you directly to our online store for small purchases. ThoMar OHG is specialized in the development and production of, as well as the trade with, desiccants and desiccant bags of all kinds. Whether you’re moving it or storing it, it needs to be protected from moisture with Unisorb® Silica Gel Desiccants! Blue Indicating Silica Gel. Keeping moisture away from firearms and ammunition is key to their condition and safety. .not-open { Welcome to SilicaGelPackets.ca. Hot time dry air can do a number on adult skin, and kids are just as susceptible. Australia's direct supplier of silica gel and desiccants, container desiccants for shipping and storage, silica gel for pharmaceuticals, food, manufacturing, engineering and electrical. Establish reliable relationship between buyers and suppliers through our matching services and find new business opportunities through various online exhibitions. White Silica Gel – 3-6MM Bead. They also benefit from our many years of consulting expertise. policy, Reliable protection against container condensation and shipping damage, The classic desiccant for small product packaging, Available variants: low-dust or dust-proof bag material; orange (with saturation indicator, Desiccant packs in accordance with DIN 55473 and MIL-D-3464E, Low-dust (type A) and dust-proof (type B) pouch material available, Desiccant bags for consignment and storage of bulky goods, Made of calcinated clay and calcium chloride, For various applications, e.g. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Individual variants of desiccant packets that are not available at short notice are marked. Desiccant bags are available in a range of different desiccant types to buy online. Silica Gel. }); Silica gel is a granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate. Now R3 218.00 . Once opened each desiccant packet can draw moisture from 5 to 7 cubic feet for about 6 weeks before it will need to be recharged; Handy moisture indicator to let you know when it is time to recharge; Units can be recharged in a standard, vented oven at 200° F; $14.99. background: #006437 !important; // ]]> Consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB are excluded from sales. Below you will find all the information you need to know on our complete range of Unisorb® Silica Gel Desiccants. elmnt.scrollIntoView(); Desiccant Heating Ventilating And Air-conditioning Systems Hardcover 1ST Ed. It can be confusing with so many people giving out advice that is either biased towards what they want to sell, outdated advice or simply advice that is just plain wrong. Hi-Capacity Bucket-for Fresher, Cleaner Air in Large Spaces-2 Pack, 4-Pound, white, 2 Count. }); //end: requirejs Here's how to save money by making your own desiccant packs. Product Title Actoyo Absorbent Moisture-proof Silica Gel Desiccant ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Desicco Australia offers a full range desiccant products, including silica gel packets and beads, humidity indicator cards, moisture barrier bags, oxygen absorbers, shipping container desiccant, and other specialty products designed to extend your product's shelf or … Removes humidity in sealed packages preventing corrosion, condensation, damp, mould etc. Activated Alumina (1) Molecular Sieve (3) Silica Gel (8) Showing all 13 results. BlueSilicaGel. View Offer. //