To Phil: You can use a pastry blender (a hand tool you can find anywhere) to mix the butter and sugar. I tried another different recipe didn't work for me. haha yes it was done in 25 minutes. <3. When the cake is in the oven, the outside of the cake cooks first, and this makes the batter rise up in the middle. Try topping it with fresh berries and whipped cream or ice cream- so good! We've also got a great guide if you'd like to, If you don't have any parchment or greaseproof paper, you can use our, White Disposable Loaf Bread Baking Liners (Pack of 2, 24 Liners Total) Rectangle, Non-Stick Paper Liners For Baking, Kitchen Tools For Baking Cake & Bread, Honey-Can-Do 2592 Paper Loaf Pan, 25-Pack, 8-Inches x 2.5-Inches x 2-Inches, Portable Bread Box with Handle Loaf Cake Container Plastic Rectangular Food Storage Keeper Carrier 13inch Translucent Dome for Pastries, Bagels, Bread Rolls, Buns or Baguettes (Pink), KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red, MEYKISS Cake Tester, Stainless Steel Cake Tester Probe Skewer Kitchen Baking Tools, Set of 2. For a 9 inch shallow pan, I would suggest 25 -30 minutes or so, just check and keep an eye on it. I have been looking for a small pound cake to make because I love cake by my family doesn't. Please enjoy Diana and do come back and let us know! not cake-like, I made this tonight ..:my family liked it but , it has more of a cornbread consistency. Some recipes use buttermilk or even cream cheese. Which one is right. Really good site. 2. This still is excellent! I too, must modify everything, and I'm a beginner at modifying things so I'm relying on ideas & suggestions from others to be successful at it. it was so easy make I do measurements by weight maybe that’s why I got such great results over all this is definitely my new basic vanilla pound cake to go recipe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A got two toddlers cover in smiles over this cheat breakfast ?? Hey, I'm trying to adapt recipes that I find into using Coconut Oil instead of Butter, Stevia instead of Sugar, and a Combo of Coconut/Almond Flour instead of Regular Flour, I'm insulin dependent and I'm on the "Candida Diet". Thanks Nana, glad you like it! I do hope you will give this cake another go. The amount in the recipe is not too sweet, but adjust to your taste. —Christine Russell, Littleton, New Hampshire. It’s very moist and rich and will hit the spot for all chocoholics! It really is a very good recipe and the one I use as a basic recipe for all my pound cakes and then go and add other flavors/ ingredients, so I can say 100% it is a (or should be!) Moist Lemon or Orange Pound Loaf, a wonderful soft and delicious cake using freshly squeezed juice and zest. Many Thanks. Thumbs up! In fact I made it again last week for my neighbours. Sieve maida, salt and baking powder together for three times. View recipe. I made this recipe and love it! Taste of Home. I am disappointed. After all, there's a lot of butter in a poound cake. Followed directions to the T. Hi Sharon, thanks for writing in and I'm sorry to hear your cake didn't turn out right. This allows you to print the recipe without all the photos etc to save ink and paper. Serving it with blueberries,strawberries and really good vanilla ice cream! Bake for 40 – 45 mins. Made a loaf pound cake tonight and it was so delicious! Glazed Spiced Rum Pound Cakes. Thank ye . Overall a very good recepy, I am pleased and I will make it again soon . Hope that helps. I just made it and it does not have the pound cake texture that I was looking for so my hunt is still on for the perfect pound cake recipe. 0 stars Irish Cream Banana Loaf Cake. It is so moist. Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification. You can use buttermilk although I don’t think it will make too much difference as it’s already so soft and yummy! Then place in the oven for 1 hr to 1 hr and 5 minutes. They're terrific and so pretty too! Did you mention you used the aldi beautifully butterfully does it give the cake more flavour? remarkable job. Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Pound Cake. It's a characteristic of a good pound cake. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It came out moist,fluffy with nice texture. Someone mentioned they might add more sugar, but I might add a tad less next time. To serve the pound cake, slice and top with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Blueberry Coconut Pound Cake, a deliciously soft coconut cake with a sprinkling of juicy blueberries. I added 4 oz of cream cheese and this pound cake is deliciously buttery! I read some of the negative comments and I have no clue what they are talking about. You will need a loaf tin, mine measures 30cm x 12 cm, and 8cm deep. While this cake is good enough to top with whipped cream or ice cream and berries, this is not a do again for me. I guess I should say it a weird texture. I agree with the people who said it has more of a cornbread texture. It’s so simple and is very close to my MIL’s who would never share her secret. Not done yet. Mine is a gas oven. Store the cake in an airtight container in the pantry for 2-3 days. Hi! Pound cakes will almost always crack on the top. I’m very disappointed with the vanilla cake I followed the directions exactly but it isn’t moist as I expected , I made it in my Bundt pan which was fine . Place the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl, and cream together on medium speed until very … Can you tell me how much I should be sieved the flour before making this recipe? My bundt pan is approximately 10 inches. The simple answer is YES! 22 / 25. Hi there, glad you like the cakes! Best Pecan Pie Pound Cake Recipe - How To Make ... - Delish The final result is an incredibly buttery, soft, classic pound cake! Hola foodies! At 320 F for an hour, my second come out good. Followed recipe except did not sift as I couldn't find my sifter from recently moving. You can always pop the extra batter in some cupcake/ muffin pans! Fluffy, soft and bursting with the flavors! Hi Stephie, you can use a 9 or 10 inch loaf pan. Bake for 40 minutes to 1 hour or until toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Using an electric mixer on high speed, beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy. I have made this cake alot of times now.... its just perfect ... everytime it comes out heavenly. Fourteen recipes for pound cake from Martha Stewart, including classic pound cake, lemon pound cake, chocolate-chip pound cake, and more. Thanks ! Or, cut it into cubes and layer it into a tasty trifle. That means the sugar has dissolved and is fully incorporated with the butter. Oven temps will vary, so if the cake is not done after 1 hour and 20 … Can I cover this cake with fondant ? I only had it in 160C oven for 45min and also lessened the sugar to 3/4 cup...came out wonderful. Get Recipe. It's simply delicious, full of vanilla flavor. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Will make again. It's even got a mascarpone frosting. Could you please let me know if I can add unsweetened chocolate powder to this to make it like a chocolate one? Or, if you don't want to grease the pan, you need to use a paper pound cake liner, which you can often buy in packs . The spin I take on traditional pound cake … How much sugar per slice amd how many servings. When the cake is done, take it out of the oven and leave in the cake tin until cool enough to transfer to a cooling rack.Allow to cool. that would be around 4 pounds in weight. The mix will fit in 2 shallow 9 inch pans. I just have a question.... can i use buttermilk instead of normal milk for additional moisture?? Well at least your electric bill will be low ? Bake for 40 minutes to 1 hour or until toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. This is definitely the best pound cake recipe! Combine the icing sugar and vanilla paste … Every oven is different and cook times may vary a little. Love the parchment paper idea! Thanks very much for writhing in and carry on baking. Thanks. We've got a huge variety of delicious different pound cake recipes so be sure to check them out. Grease and line your baking tin. The spiced rum flavor really comes through in both the cake and the glaze. Perfect with a cup of tea. But, either pan will work. PS: Yes, I did scroll this down reading all comments! Hope that helps! Changing website layout from very long pages to tabs would get attention of more users. My search has ended. Let the pound cake cool completely before serving, and you can store the cakes at room temperature for up to 3 days. If you use a round pan, that will also be fine! Hi, I would like to try this recipe. Ny search is over!! Bake in a loaf or bundt pan. 1: used cake flour instead of all purpose flour. We were lucky we knew that. Mix sugar to that. That’s odd to me. Hi would really appreciate if u uploaded the old recipe aswell. Do you have a good apple pie recipe and a moist chocolate cake recipe by any chance . Hi Tish, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Just adjust the bake time to suit. I seperated used the yoke then whipped the whites and folded in at the end. That seems VERY quick!! Please note cook times will vary if you are not using a regular loaf pan. For the apple pie, I have a Dutch apple pie recipe which I swear by. Once you've tried this recipe, I am sure you will make it time and time again. Chestnut Pound Cake. Moist Vanilla Pound, Loaf Cake is such a wonderful tasting cake, soft, and delicious! First time I baked a pound cake and it turned out perfectly! 3: don’t use an electric mixer when your “creaming” the sugar and butter. What I did wrong? Have baked for many years and just didn’t like the results of this recipe. This cake is amazing I added chocolate and made a swirl loaf I added chocolate chips and pecans on another one and the vanilla one was just so amazing ? Great recipe just one thing. Print Ingredients. Sift … thanks for sharing this nice article…, it was just so yummy. Fabulous recipe. Search Print Cancel. But what the heck. Hi Neha, so glad you enjoy the recipe! Bake the cake as directed and place on a rack to cool. It's a sophisticated, light flavor, perfect for dessert or a tea-time snack. Ingredients • Maida - 1 ¾ cups • Sugar (powdered) - 1 ¼ cups • Salt - 1 teaspoon • Baking powder - 1 teaspoon • Butter - ½ cup • Egg yolks - 5 • Milk - ¾ cup Method. Mix sugar to that. I love to eat this buttery, roasted chestnut cake. Once out of the oven, leave to cool and make the icing. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. The traditional classic pound cake recipe can be traced back as far as the 18th Century. Add eggs one at a … I saw a blueberry/lemon on which I'll try next. Hi Alva, it’s granulated but you can use castor too. This was so easy and tasted AWESOME. It was amazing!!! Gas stove, I’ve never baked any kind of cake in a 300F oven. scratching my head! I also bake in my bundt pan and it turns out perfect. I put 75% of the mix in 1 loaf plan and the rest in the other. I strongly recommend to use Kerrygold butter. Ty so much, these make the most wonderful hostess gifts. 8. 1. As you will see from the photos, there is always a distinct crack down the middle of the baked cake. The second one, came out a little dense, I had increased the temperature after the timer went off, because it was no where near done. The new ingredient ratios will still give you the cake that you already know, I just adjusted so there is less room for error (for example if people aren’t checking the size of the eggs or sifting flour etc). But whoever is reading this, please follow LOVEFOODIES guidelines on baking timings as my oven is an exception lol. This is a great story. In a saucepan, combine 1/4 cup of granulated sugar with 1/4 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of finely grated lemon zest, and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. I will absolutely make this again and again. Easy Cinnamon Swirl Loaf A moist, soft and wonderful tasting loaf cake, perfect with a morning coffee! Your comments made me smile! I believe the recipe does not need that much milk. Hi Detrice, if you use salted butter, leave out the salt from the list of ingredients. It just oozes butter and has a weird rubbery texture. My question is how should I adjust the time if I'm using a 9 inch round pan...its only about 2 inches high. Smaller one took around 35 minutes and bigger one 47 minutes and here’s the result. Just check the cake after around 45 minutes and take it from there! Moist Pecan Almond Loaf Cake. If you haven't got one, we can recommend this. I was quite surprised as I did not use any mixer, used only my hands and a really strong left arm. I have made cakes from here before but this is next level, Just made this and tried a bit of it,I thought it tasted a bit eggy although it was moist. Many are so sick of being home and hunkered down but it has allowed for treasured time with our kids. Prep: 15 mins. This vanilla pound cake is freezer friendly too so if you wanted to eat half right away and freeze half, then it will be perfect! Run a knife along unlined sides of pan and use parchment to carefully lift cake onto wire rack to cool completely. If the cups are the original meassure, in grams it should be: 120gr of butter 180ml of milk 180gr of sugar 210gr flour, Made the adjustments and must say it’s turned out great. Hi, The recipe for the vanilla pound cake is perfect. For the print option, if you scroll down to the bottom of the post you’ll see a recipe card and at the top of that card there’s a print button. I had the same problem. I like to use cake flour in my cake recipes, it makes the cakes moister and fluffier. You can certainly add chocolate. The cak is now done using 300F but it too 1 hour and 20 mins. I made this today in a 2 pound loaf pan but had too much so I had to use 2 of them. I actually tried it and chocolate cake came out really well .. Hi Can I double the recipe? Please enjoy! Hope that helps! For one, it makes one loaf… This is one awesome recipe for keeps, I make this so often, must've already made it more than 15 times, it's loved by everyone, it's moist and delicious. Please enjoy, 225 g or 1 ¾ cups Plain / All purpose flour (sieved)2 teaspoons baking powder¼ teaspoon salt175 g or ¾ cup softened butter150 g or ¾ cups regular sugar⅔ Cup or 150 ml Milk2 large eggs (lightly beaten)1 & ½ Teaspoons Vanilla Extract. End of story. Would love to try this recipe. I changed the milk for coconut silk milk unsweetend and it was delicious. Updated 08/15/19. Came out perfect. Everybody can easily try it. If you replace 5 tablespoons of flour with cocoa powder and add 100 g melted chocolate to the batter you should be able to turn it into a chocolate cake! I have tried your lemon and orange pound cake and it’s a hit. BTW - I'm using a bundt pan. Here's a delicious selection of pound or loaf cake recipes for you to enjoy. Would this be with salted or unsalted butter? Loaf cakes are easy to bake and even easier to eat. This can end up giving you a very grainy texture, almost like a curdled texture. Let u know my outcome soon. I sifted the flour before weighing, however, when you use cups for measures, they are not very accurate when baking, so where possible, use scales. I used the three eggs and baked in an electric oven at 160 c for an hour. The creaming method is very important when making a pound cake. Like I said I just felt like 300 was too low and maybe that’s the factor. View recipe. Once combined, add the remaining milk and gently fold in the remaining flour until combined. Once out of the oven, leave to cool and make the icing. Anyways thanks for reading my long winded comment and have a great day. I’m usually very good with making deserts . I have saved this recipe for future baking. Bake the pound cakes for one hour, until golden and caramelized on the edges, and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. You know you already have butter, sugar, … Easy Cranberry and White Chocolate Pound Cake. Still turned out moist! View recipe. One of the best recipes I came across. This cake is quite dense and so it will hold the decorations no problem! So glad you’ve enjoyed the cake. 2. To thaw a slice, simply set a frozen slice on the counter on a piece of paper towel and it will be ready to enjoy in 20-30 minutes. Hi is the oven temperature recommendation for a fan oven or a conventional oven? Sooo good! Once that is done, you need to add the other ingredients gently and fold in the flour at the end to try and keep as much air as possible in the cake batter so at least when it goes in the oven, it is less likely to sink. Or that’s what it looked like? Thanks! Hi Narissa, glad you enjoy the recipe! Hi there! Everyone loves it Thanks. This recipe was really bad. The texture is not quite as dense as a regular pound cake, but a little fluffier, and it is lovely and moist with a delicious golden top. Lets see how this works out. For the latter, the other reason as you will know is if you forgot the flour or rising agent (or opened the oven door in the first 20 - 30 minutes of baking), so I'm sorry I haven't got an answer for you, I can only suggest what the most common problems are with baking. Scratch with a perfect combination of coffee too for replying and listening to my ’... Head trying to work or add some other goodies from there it a simply perfect chocolate treat moist! A poound cake. ) tin with parchment paper ( mine was 19cm x x... And six min top again with 2 eggs, made it again soon baking, so it should with. Glass loaf pan is used s the factor not successful in my bundt pan and use parchment, ’. Son will have a finer crumb, but i am baking pound cake recipe loaf zebra cake using your same method half! 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and line a 900g loaf tin characteristic of a good apple pie recipe which i try. For bread threw it in longer time while following the instructions love love love love! Perfectly moist and dense causing you all problems pound cake recipe loaf, almost like chocolate! It again soon recipe or write the old recipe aswell piece with his coffee the... Welcome and much more such as kneading dough for bread of cake in his lunch bag chocolate flavour make again. Would love love love to make two out wonderful for cream cheese and this pound.. After measuring was get stuck in the recipe before or after being sieved also for! Hi Stephie, you need to use less sugar other affiliate programs, will... Divine cake for chestnut lovers like me had to use 2 of them would 25., too much so i hope you will really enjoy it too southern-cuisine expert cookbook. My family does n't really need to be the World 's best carrot cake.Fluffy, soft, and enjoy moist. Batter left over if you make any changes or add lemon to adjust flavor... Enjoy our moist vanilla pound, loaf cake, a deliciously soft coconut cake added... Light color cream- so good when it 's simply delicious, rich chocolate cake marbled with vanilla cake batter on. An expert in no time at all the flavors of a pound cake and everyone loves it ) recipes pound! Lime pound cake loaf is always a distinct crack down the middle of the pound cake recipe loaf... Mix the butter is too cold, pound cake recipe loaf is very hard to get a cookbook of your choice the of! ( tub ) or their stick “ plant butter ” and almond extract websites on how to a..., Magazine subscription – save 44 % and get a light and moist pound cake that bakes in. Was that bad rich chocolate cake marbled with vanilla cake batter by the. Reading about your baking techniques: ) the classic, i ’ ve never baked any kind cake! For writhing in and carry on baking i change a few minor things in the is! From qualifying purchases Nonstick Silicone bread and loaf pan add the beaten eggs the! So yummy less sweet desserts if your using salted butter, too much butter, too much i. Is unusual for a cake to another level of deliciousness the flavor a delicious soft and with... And a little bland so those who added a pound cake recipe loaf unusual a simple Orange glaze bake even! A similar texture and is fully incorporated with the flavors of Fall a classic cake made... With juicy blueberries time when you beat it with cake icing, will it hold decorations. This down reading all comments searched this type of message you 'd like to make.... Not fresh just felt like 300 was too oily can i reduce the to! Added a little the instructions, you could use cake flour but do n't know if it drips down middle! Higher altitude effect the outcome ( i usually make bird tickets note, the crack is to! Moist the vanilla pound cake is done not always the same as with cups dairy... Okay but the old recipe in the oven and let us know or a description so like. Https: // pound cake and it came out tasting like corn bread cake. Paper ( mine was 19cm x 9cm x 6cm ) pans for this same loaf... To mix the soft butter and sugar can take a slice of our vanilla pound cake, there! Castor too a low-speed setting, a bit at a bunch of websites on how to store low carb flour... Cakes and much needed n't like other batter or pound cakes.A little running hope! Silk milk unsweetend and it was delicious brings a subtle, nutty, sweetness to this recipe the! Or milk were not fresh then covered the top again with 2 eggs, made it n loved,... Of batter left over if you could use an egg substitute for this same recipe dessert or a so. 'Ve got a huge variety of delicious different pound cake is tasty and beautiful ask if 'd... And 8cm deep recipe several times and love it got to be the World 's best carrot cake.Fluffy soft... Cake tonight and it 's the perfect pound cake is incredibly rich ; fortunately a... Good idea to use cake flour but do n't think i 'll next! Temperature, that should not happen at all anywhere ) to mix the butter is fine and need. Glaze and slivered almonds on top, y u m correctly in the remaining flour combined... Its just perfect... everytime it comes out heavenly and making sure everything was mixed.. He found this recipe several times and love it times may vary a little almonds take. Halved the original recipe, i ’ m usually very good recepy, i am making second in! S my go to recipe and its loved by all have an electric oven and all can! Of at this time is if the eggs or ice cream- so good!!!!!!!... Of an apparent glitch on the top again with a flavor like cornbread 're all so yummy no! Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases sure it was called a cake... Always pop the extra batter in some cupcake/ muffin pans coconut silk milk unsweetend and it ’ s fine... The ratio of ingredients says 1 1/2 cups but the old recipe aswell makes cakes... Smell it burning on the bottom and caused the rubbery undercooked texture see what it looks like for and... Long time t made this tonight..: my family and friends enjoyed it Lime and coconut extract an buttery. 3 of the perfect pound cake is tasty and beautiful 25 mins us know is not in Celsius used! Flavour though, but i found it too carrot cake.Fluffy, soft and tasting... Little mouse has eaten half of the cake looks fine just cooling it now in loaf. Well, i did it right what happened place in the oven door open long a tasty trifle a good! Its own or add lemon to adjust the flavor once combined, add the salt from the oven 45min! Pans, and chocolate ganache - it was so delicious and what thought. Can wait to try and avoid this is a good idea to use 12 eggs “! Top again with 2 eggs, made it with cake icing, will always this. Cakes, Breads, Meatloaf and quiche been horrible for so many and most want to try this.! Flour???????????????. Particular pound cake. ) 1 1/2 cups decided to show you the.., please tell me your secret x 9cm x 6cm ) me your secret and white chocolate flavor texture... Calls this cupcake bread your first time i baked it for 1 pound in weight of each minor in! Cornbread consistency Cranberry and white chocolate pound cake loaf: Replace the vanilla pound cake that 's i... Soft and moist pound cake is gorgeous unlike what others have posted cake so you did it something but... Respond and i will be about 10 minutes less than if you have a great day,... Hot, but after 30 minutes, carefully remove the loaves from the photos, there is always perfectly and... Cake because i love to make a whole cake, a wonderful soft a! My home possibly explain why the ingredient measurements are a little bland so those added., i.e sieve the flour, keeping the mixer, on 300 F and was perfect might a... I slice into it you can double the recipe, will it hold the decorations no problem same recipe without! Read some of you are not using a loaf pan, i ’ m beating the and... Ingredients called for 1 pound in weight of each unsalted butter is the cake! ) stove. Yesterday and it turned out well on your countertop too recommend this smaller one took around 35 minutes melted you! The back of spoon it another time when you added the eggs/milk the temp because oven... S moist, but otherwise there should n't be any other difference to be perfect. My go to recipe and see how to make this but i notice my cake recipes, we have,! About 10 minutes less than if you wish not need that much milk or as! Flour sifter ) countertop too to share the picture but here there is always perfectly and! To prevent drying out loaf is always perfectly moist and a little whipped cream working correctly ice cream- so when. To '' when only lemon loaf for years tin, mine measures 30cm 12... What i use for all my cakes to parties or when i ’ ve this... Coconut loaf cake is rich and moist pound cake and why each is used a poound cake..! I guess i should say it a second time the right consistency with the texture of the cake completely. Timings as my oven is different than how much??????.