A group of Barry Farm … The Decision’s Impact HPRB agreed with BFTAA that the redevelopment plan for Barry Farm did not sufficiently honor the history of the property. Barry Farm Redevelopment Learn More About DCHA, DMPED and POAH’s Redevelopment Efforts. Plans for the mixed use project include creating retail and office space. The neighborhood of Barry Farm at the intersection of Eaton Rd. The ruling was a temporary win for the the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association, the group that challenged the original zoning order and argued that the redevelopment … D.C. officials order changes to Barry Farm redevelopment plans . Barry Farm Stevens: These units, found along Stevens Road, are some of the last standing structures of the Barry Farm neighborhood. A D.C. panel is set to make a pivotal decision this week impacting plans to redevelop the Barry Farm public housing complex, a project more than … With half of Barry Farm demolished and redevelopment temporarily on hold, barriers remain before work can commence on the 34-acre site in Southeast DC. The Barry Farm Redevelopment aims to improve the historic site by increasing the number of apartment and for sale units in the mixed income neighborhood. Barry Farm Redevelopment Barry Farm. Despite a recent DC Court of Appeals ruling to vacate plans approved by DC’s Zoning Commission (ZC), redevelopment […] Barry Farm Redevelopment - Learn More. Click Here. Barry Farm redevelopment faces key historic preservation decision . Now in its 13th year, the process to redevelop Barry Farm, a 34-acre, 444-unit tract in Southeast publicly owned and operated by the DC Housing Authority (DCHA), has involved continual collaboration between city and federal housing officials. In the meantime, the redevelopment team has a new overall plan for the project, and architects Grimm + Parker and Moseley Architects have some new designs for the site. Barry Farm Redevelopment The majority of the 444 public housing units on the site have been razed to create 1,100 residences, including 380 replacement affordable units. The Barry Farm neighborhood is located off Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, west of historic Anacostia in Washington, D.C. and was originally established in 1867 as the first African-American homeownership community in Washington, D.C. for newly freed slaves. The board decided last month to award at least some of Barry Farm with a historic designation, but couldn’t settle on just how much to protect from redevelopment.